Lots of Fun!

Tag has a pretty silly premise.  A group of friends play the same game of tag, for one month, of every year, for the last thirty years.  This is something that would never happen in real life, a game of tag played for thirty years? Except that Tag is based off the true story of a group of friends that played the same game of tag since grade-school.

Tag is a silly movie, but it is very enjoyable to watch if you're not going into it expecting an Oscar quality script.  While watching the movie I enjoyed it immensely and based on the laughter from the rest of the theatre, everyone else was enjoying it too.  There were a few moments that were very much over the top, but that is what made it the silly and fun film it was (I'm looking at you Jeremey Renner).

Tag is lighthearted and fun to watch. It was extremely nice to see a movie about friendship and the time and effort you should be put into maintaining it.