Deadpool 2 (2018)


Sequels are tough.  There are so many expectations that need to be lived up to for a sequel to be successful. The expectations of the actors, the studios and most importantly, the expectations of the audience.  There are not that many sequels out there that are better than the original (Empire Strikes Back being one notable exception) but Deadpool 2 comes pretty close.

This is my spoiler free quick review of Deadpool 2.  At the very start of the movie, Ryan Reynolds, as the titular character of  Deadpool, aka Wade Wilson, explains that this sequel is a family movie, and in many ways it is.


Deadpool and his team of X-Force members, must save a young misfit from Cable, a futuristic time travelling mercenary.

I enjoyed Deadpool 2.  I don't think that I enjoyed is quite as much as the first Deadpool movie, but that is only because I had no idea what to expect for the first movie.  Having never read the Deadpool comics, I only really knew about Deadpool because of Ryan Reynolds' guerrilla advertising campaign featuring silly photos, quick catch lines and "leaked" test footage. The original Deadpool movie was absolutely fantastic and Deadpool 2 was a really good followup.  Which says something in of itself since most (not all) but most movie sequels tend to disappoint.

Without spoiling anything of Deadpool 2, all I can really say  is if you enjoyed the first movie, you will also like this movie.  It may not be quite as over the top as the first one, but that's only because you know who Deadpool is now.  I am glad that they kept with the feeling of the first movie, keeping it relatively low budget (for a big blockbuster film) which made me feel that this was part of the same movie world, instead of going for something over the top.  I for one am looking forward to the return of Deadpool whenever the X-Force movie comes out.

As for how a movie that features a merc with a mouth could be remotely considered a family movie, you will just have to watch it for yourself...maybe wait a few years before you let your young-ones see it though.