Rating System

Upon the suggestion of a good friend, I’ve decided to start reviewing books that I read.  I read a lot, averaging around 70 books a year.  It was suggested that I become a book reviewer.  The suggestion intrigued me and I thought that I would see how I like reviewing books by just starting to write reviews on the books I read already, before I look into pursuing becoming a book reviewer.

Upon reflection I not only realized that I have to write the book review, I need to come up with my own rating system.  Until now, I usually just used Goodreads rating system, the 5 stars system.  While providing a general basis for rating books, I often felt this system didn’t necessarily reflect how I felt about the book, and it drives me nuts that I can’t rate something using half a star. so I’ve decided to come up with my own system.


By now, having found The Artisan Penguin, I’m sure you must have guessed that I like penguins.  I have decided to use the penguin in my rating system, because if I didn’t it just wouldn’t feel right.

A few things you should know before reviewing my rating system.  My rating system is based on my opinion of how much I either loved or didn’t love the book.  This does not reflect upon the author’s ability to tell a story, only my perception of how the story affected me.  If I’m really engrossed in a story, I will have a hard time putting it down, I will lose sleep and nothing else in life really matters until I get to the end of the book.  If I don’t like the story, I will not finish the book.  I read for enjoyment.  There are too many books in the world and I don’t have enough spare time in my life to read a book I don’t like.  If I don’t finish a book, that doesn’t necessarily mean the story was bad, it just means that I didn’t like it.  If you ever have any questions regarding a rating I’ve given a book, please ask.  

And now, here it is, my rating system:


5 Penguins ~ Loved this book, lost a ton of sleep because I couldn’t put it down, drank lots of coffee, chores left unfinished, arts & crafts untouched and nothing else mattered except for finishing this book.  Would recommend to everyone I know, despite the genres they read.

4.5 Penguins ~ Loved this book, lost some sleep, unable to put it down.  Drank lots of coffee.  Read whenever I could, but regular task were still accomplished. Would recommend to most people, despite the genres they read.

4 Penguins ~ Loved this book, didn’t lose sleep but still hard to put it down.  Would recommend to everyone who reads this genre.

3.5 Penguins ~ Enjoyed the book.  Sometimes hard to put down.  Wanted to finish reading the story, but I didn't feel the need to read it as quickly as possible.  Would recommend to most people who read this genre.

3 Penguins ~ Neutral about this book.  I neither liked nor hated it.  Easy to put down and move onto do other things.  Didn’t feel the urgent need to pick up and finish reading.  Would maybe recommend to some people.

2 Penguins ~ I didn’t like the book, but I finished it.  I might recommend the book to someone else depending on that person's tastes in stories/genres.

1 Penguin ~ I really didn’t like the book, but I finished it.  Would not recommend.

0 Penguins ~ Not my cup of tea, didn’t finish book. Would not recommend.