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Samantha Reeves, Multi-Tasker EXTRAORDINAIRE

All fancily dressed-up for a wedding. 

All fancily dressed-up for a wedding. 

I am a hodgepodge, which basically sums up to the fact that I have a ton of different hobbies, crafts and activities that I like to do.  A long time ago I decided that I didn't have to stick with just one hobby, why not have a bunch of hobbies that I enjoy doing.  From arts and crafts and blogging and reviews and maybe one day even some writing, I keep busy.  This website reflects many of those things.

Penguin Potpourri Creations is my attempt to keep my personal posts and my crafty posts separated on social media platforms.  I have possible future dreams of maybe one day actually selling my crafty things.  You never know what the future may hold, but I do know one thing for certain, if I don't think about the possibility, it will never happen.

I also love Penguins, Star Wars and Curling.

When I'm not crafting, blogging, reading or getting paid to manage a dental office, I spend my time with my fiance, Michael, and our two kitties, Vader and Loki.

Welcome to my site and enjoy your stay.